my good sweet honey lord?

poins, poins. come on. just… i don’t fucking know. marry him or something. seriously, he’s worse than horatio.

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thought organising of PoA under the cut, don’t mind me

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what about the buckbeak incident? With Hermione trying so hard to help Hagrid and Draco on the opposite end of the mess. And the Dlytherins dresing up as dementors during Quidditch? And how does the Pettigrew situation unfold with Ron being… well, distant?

I’m sorry, they just keep coming!




London Panoramics

Uk based photographer Julian Calverley recently spent 3 long days shooting panoramic back plates in London. Each final piece consists of 3 stitched 80 mpxl files, so the resulting images reveal a truly stunning level of detail.

take me backk :/

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We need to stop talking. We talk too much. Instead, we have to do something.

#i am so bitter about this #i don’t even think the bbc understand what they did when they let this go #i mean this wasn’t just another period drama #this was a series about police corruption #racial segregation #feminism #brutality #political backhanders #i mean for god’s sake! #why the hell would you abandon a show which had given so much and had even more to offer? #it makes no sense

*hula dances into your room and affectionately whispers into your ear* Your Slytherin!Harry tag is perfection and I want to live in it forever. Finally a rationally acting Harry so I don't have to be facepalming my nose into my skull on his every other action, also Draco my forever darling. *does a sideway kick and twirls out*


oh man I’m super glad you’re enjoying it! as you can probably guess I’m dying to write it, but oh man talk about an epic endeavour +_+ I have all of Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets planned out at this point, but the later, longer books might pose more of an issue…

but yes, it is nice to have some rational backing to Harry’s actions and DRACO. OH GOD. DRACOOOOOOO /sobs softly into the night

I am enjoying it SO MUCH and you absolutely must write it. I don’t really think it has to be like, the whole saga re-written? I’m thinking more snippets and bits here and there as it comes to your mind. I’d especially love to see the whole Sirius-Draco dynamics. Also would the basics like Harry’s patronus and boggart-form change? Or his possible chosen career path (like would he still aspire to be an auror)? What would Draco see in the Mirror of Erised (considering he finds Harry in there), and how would the Harry-Dumbledore dynamics change, would he still give the cloak back to Harry on Christmas? Sorry if you already thought these out, I can’t keep up with the speed of you guys! :)


Happy Birthday David John McDonald (18.4.1971)


90% of my life is me making an irritated looking face


i have like 609453804 books to read

but you know what i’m gonna do

i’m gonna buy more books

And then I will read fanfiction.

and then i will read books that i’ve already read